H&M Clothes-Shredding Scandal Kicks off New Role on Communitelligence Communications Leadership Team

Calling the recent scandal involving Swedish clothier H&M’s (now-abandoned) practice of shredding wearable clothing a “colllision at the intersection of internal, external and social communication,” I’ve posted my first pieces as the newest member of the Communications Leadership team at Communitelligence–the US-based electronic publishing collective.

The first, found at http://bit.ly/8bkVub, introduces the H&M controversy and its implications. The follow-up addresses H&M’s response to the situation–and the remaining lessons still to be learned by communication practitioners: http://bit.ly/83Kpmz

Joining the Communications Leadership team lines me up with a number of globally known communication leaders, including Carol Goman, Thomas Lee, Liz Guthridge, Sharon Wamble-Lee and Communitelligence founder John Gerstner.

Communitelligence has a global network of members across a wide variety of communication specialties, including internal communication, employee engagement, crisis planning, intranet management, public relations, marketing and branding, and corporate citizenship/CSR.  It can be found at http://www.communitelligence.com.

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