Big Gaps in the Marketplace

In my latest posting to Communitelligence, I focus on three major gaps in the business communication marketplace–gaps that if filled could yield big commercial dividends while addressing major needs in the industry.

Gaps identified include:

*  A need for real ownership of the “communicator as leader, leader as communicator” space, particularly in terms of academic and experiential learning

* The need to provide access to strategic and integrated business communication support to businesses with fewer than 3000 employees, and how the advent of new technologies like the SnapComms suite of turnkey intranet tools can make such clients more financially viable for consultants in this space

* The gaping need for top-shelf, practitioner-oriented PhD programs in business communication to support practitioners looking to make late-career transitions into academia.

The full piece can be found at

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  1. The DBA is a potential choice for this sort of programme – less “academic” in some ways than a PhD and gaining acceptance rapidly. I’m thinking about one!


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