World’s Underrated Job Title

In their series of ever-tantalising TV advertisements, Qatar Airways always signs off with the phrase “World’s 5-Star Airline”. Not the grammatically-more-correct “The World’s Five-Star Airline”.

Oftentimes, non-standard grammar makes concepts more memorable.

So I proffer “Is Internal Communicator World’s Underrated Job Title”? I personally think it is.

If we believe we are actually influential in distinguishing, shaping and delivering organisational outcomes, then we still pale in prestige to the CEO’s, CFO’s and even the HR Directors with whom we share and spread our influence.

Is this a bad thing? Not for now. There is a certain air of stealth in the way we are becoming influential—resorting to language, writing or facilitation skills to sharpen objectives, expand scopes, or stimulate and satiate customers.

But I can see the time coming where real masters can build comparable prestige in the way they create the verbal boundaries in which successful organisations operate. So for now, Internal Communicator remains World’s Underrated Job Title. Even though it sometimes feels like World’s Five Star Role.

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