Challenge, Teach, Write, Ask: Some Resolutions for 2011

With New Years practically upon us, here are my five resolutions for the coming year:

5) Get better at using small sample, closed-end surveys:  while doing big sample, open-ended surveys can yield massive insights, concerns about survey (and analysis) fatigue require greater sharpness in the research department.  Gaining that is a top goal for me.

4) Blog more regularly – and make better use of other publications and public forums.  I’ve always gotten good responses to links on my blog to stuff I’ve published elsewhere.  More focus on getting out one or two good pieces out a month, and getting them to where actual readers are would be a good accomplishment.

3) Generate more private client work – I have a good relationship with my employer which allows a limited amount of private client work, and I have one private client I love that doesn’t take too much time.  There’s room for one or two more…

2) Continue challenging conventional wisdom – some of the best internal communication approaches are counterintuitive and non-linear (such as focusing on reaching fewer, more influential employees with richer content streams rather than reducing everything to four-bullet powerpoint slides) even against the wailings of senior executives

1) Find more opportunities to present and teach.  I would love to teach through retirement, and to start getting good teaching and conference experience in my remaining professional years (I’m 46, believe it or not).

If I nail 4 out of 5, I’ll have had a phenomenal 2011.  But I’m going for it all…any help would be appreciated.

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