Now Published: Lincoln to LinkedIn – The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication”

My new book, “Lincoln to LinkedIn – The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication” is now available from Amazon.

The book has received a variety of strong reviews from leading lights in the communication and change arena. The following endorsement from internal communication legend Roger D’Aprix is particularly enthusiastic:

“We owe Mike Klein a debt of gratitude if for no other reason than his putting the social media evangelists in proper perspective. Aside from showing how their glib advice has created more than a few train wrecks, he exposes their penchant for glittering generalities and reckless recommendations that lead the innocents to possible professional disaster.

“Instead Mike offers the analytical tools to separate an ‘audience’ into its credible tribal parts and associated mutual interests. His book is the best thing I’ve seen on how to understand how real people communicate in real organizations.”

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