About the Book: “Lincoln to LinkedIn: The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication”

“From Lincoln to LinkedIn: The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication” is a call to action , and in some respects, a call to arms.

Having worked in political campaigns before moving inside of large corporations, one thing I noticed was a dramatic shift in tone and approach – indeed a lack of respect for those people who were being asked to change, to innovate, to dig deeper and to represent their organisations with enthusiasm.

While the advent of social media has caused that condescension to reduce a bit, social evangelists also advocated replacing old-school, top-down, one-size-fits-all communication with the brainless anarchy of leaping headfirst into twitter and facebook without any thought about what lurks on the other side, or what lies beneath your own organisational surface.

Lincoln to LinkedIn offers an alternative.  It offers you an approach that is genuinely strategic, and one which encourages the intelligent use of new communication technologies without being a slave to them.  Indeed, one can run an effective social communication campaign with a phone, an email account and an excel spreadsheet.

In 108 pages, the book provides enough training and insights to allow you to do just that.

It also highlights concepts like social landscapes, tribal dynamics, and source credibility that rest at the core of effective, impactful communication, whether inside corporate walls, or inside broader – but still bounded – arenas of interest.

I invite you to order it, and above all, to let me know what you think.  I think you will agree that this approach could make a major difference, not only to you in achieving your objectives, but also in sharpening corporate communication while making it more respectful and impactful.


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CommScrum: Dethroning the Cult of the Manager?

The persistent primacy of the line manager as a primary communication channel in organizations–despite credible research claiming employees prefer electronic and print communication in a majority of cases–is the subject of the latest rendition of CommScrum.

CommScrum can be found, as always at http://commscrum.wordpress.com.

Leading Internal Comms Pros Launch “CommScrum”

Mocking the extra-polite culture pervasive within the internal communication industry and recalling the varied rugby careers of its participants,  four leading internal communication pros have launched CommScrum—a cooperative blog dedicated to “Full Contact Internal Comms.”

Joining me in the crew are Dan Gray, Kevin Keohane and Lindsay Uittenbogaard—fellow authors of the Gower Handbook of Internal Communication and practitioners known for strong opinions, international experience and innovative work.

The first effort raised the question of whether internal comms practitioners need to take on a more multidisciplinary orientation—and whether IABC as the leading professional organization is likely to help or hinder that process.

Commscrum publishes at least twice monthly—and can be found at:  http://CommScrum.wordpress.com