About the Book: “Lincoln to LinkedIn: The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication”

“From Lincoln to LinkedIn: The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication” is a call to action , and in some respects, a call to arms.

Having worked in political campaigns before moving inside of large corporations, one thing I noticed was a dramatic shift in tone and approach – indeed a lack of respect for those people who were being asked to change, to innovate, to dig deeper and to represent their organisations with enthusiasm.

While the advent of social media has caused that condescension to reduce a bit, social evangelists also advocated replacing old-school, top-down, one-size-fits-all communication with the brainless anarchy of leaping headfirst into twitter and facebook without any thought about what lurks on the other side, or what lies beneath your own organisational surface.

Lincoln to LinkedIn offers an alternative.  It offers you an approach that is genuinely strategic, and one which encourages the intelligent use of new communication technologies without being a slave to them.  Indeed, one can run an effective social communication campaign with a phone, an email account and an excel spreadsheet.

In 108 pages, the book provides enough training and insights to allow you to do just that.

It also highlights concepts like social landscapes, tribal dynamics, and source credibility that rest at the core of effective, impactful communication, whether inside corporate walls, or inside broader – but still bounded – arenas of interest.

I invite you to order it, and above all, to let me know what you think.  I think you will agree that this approach could make a major difference, not only to you in achieving your objectives, but also in sharpening corporate communication while making it more respectful and impactful.


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Now Published: Lincoln to LinkedIn – The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication”

My new book, “Lincoln to LinkedIn – The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication” is now available from Amazon.

The book has received a variety of strong reviews from leading lights in the communication and change arena. The following endorsement from internal communication legend Roger D’Aprix is particularly enthusiastic:

“We owe Mike Klein a debt of gratitude if for no other reason than his putting the social media evangelists in proper perspective. Aside from showing how their glib advice has created more than a few train wrecks, he exposes their penchant for glittering generalities and reckless recommendations that lead the innocents to possible professional disaster.

“Instead Mike offers the analytical tools to separate an ‘audience’ into its credible tribal parts and associated mutual interests. His book is the best thing I’ve seen on how to understand how real people communicate in real organizations.”

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For more information, or to read further endorsements, please visit the book’s blogsite at http://socialcommunication55.wordpress.com

Praise from Internal Comms Legend Roger D’Aprix

My recent writing on internal communication and engagement has drawn the attention of Roger D’Aprix, one of the most durable and beloved figures in the industry, and author of seven books on the subject–including the “The Credible Company: Communicating with Today’s Skeptical Workforce.”

Said Roger:  “Mike, I like the fact that you go against the grain of this profession and are willing to say so.  Reminds me of my younger self.  Keep it up.”

For more about Roger, please check out his LinkedIn profile at http://bit.ly/coWOHN.