CommScrum Rugby-Tackles “Internal Communication”

Challenging the very viability of what’s currently known as “internal communication” was the focus of my recent posting to  CommScrum—a cooperative blog dedicated to “Full Contact Internal Comms.”

The Commscrummers: UK-based Dan Gray and Kevin Keohane, Netherlands-based Lindsay Uittenbogaard, and me, took a whack at the inward-facing focus of internal comms to date. We questioned its viability in the face of the ongoing convergence of communication disciplines and, equally, the emerging importance of employees as an externally-facing communication channel.

Commscrum publishes at least twice monthly—and can be found (with the usual robust set of comments, replies and retorts) at:


H&M Clothes-Shredding Scandal Kicks off New Role on Communitelligence Communications Leadership Team

Calling the recent scandal involving Swedish clothier H&M’s (now-abandoned) practice of shredding wearable clothing a “colllision at the intersection of internal, external and social communication,” I’ve posted my first pieces as the newest member of the Communications Leadership team at Communitelligence–the US-based electronic publishing collective.

The first, found at, introduces the H&M controversy and its implications. The follow-up addresses H&M’s response to the situation–and the remaining lessons still to be learned by communication practitioners:

Joining the Communications Leadership team lines me up with a number of globally known communication leaders, including Carol Goman, Thomas Lee, Liz Guthridge, Sharon Wamble-Lee and Communitelligence founder John Gerstner.

Communitelligence has a global network of members across a wide variety of communication specialties, including internal communication, employee engagement, crisis planning, intranet management, public relations, marketing and branding, and corporate citizenship/CSR.  It can be found at

Questioning Employee Engagement–Some Things to Think About

Building on my “four forms of employee engagement” model, I’ve published another piece that again challenges the conventional wisdom about employee engagement, while providing some practical questions for practitioners to consider before considering engagement efforts in the current climate.

This piece, ‘Questioning ‘Engagement–Things to Think About’, has been published on the Employee Engagement Network and can be found at:

Leading Internal Comms Pros Launch “CommScrum”

Mocking the extra-polite culture pervasive within the internal communication industry and recalling the varied rugby careers of its participants,  four leading internal communication pros have launched CommScrum—a cooperative blog dedicated to “Full Contact Internal Comms.”

Joining me in the crew are Dan Gray, Kevin Keohane and Lindsay Uittenbogaard—fellow authors of the Gower Handbook of Internal Communication and practitioners known for strong opinions, international experience and innovative work.

The first effort raised the question of whether internal comms practitioners need to take on a more multidisciplinary orientation—and whether IABC as the leading professional organization is likely to help or hinder that process.

Commscrum publishes at least twice monthly—and can be found at: