Introducing Internal Communication 3.0: Workforce Citizenship

The convergence of internal, external and social communication has been discussed a lot lately, but in this piece, “Internal Communication 3.0: Workforce Citizenship”, I’ve laid out a picture of what such a convergence could look like, described the turbulent social-media driven changes driving things in this direction, and identified some of the implications for internal communication and corporate communication as a whole.

At the core of this vision is an idea I’m calling “workforce citizenship”–a kind of engagement that reflects a renewed sense of two-way responsibility between staff and the organizations to which they belong, and by incorporating advocacy as well as productivity as part of that responsibility, consciously builds the workforce into an organization’s communication architecture.

The article was published originally on Ragan.Com, an industry-leading daily news-source dedicated to internal and external communication, and can now be found at Communitelligence at

Democracy’s Mirror Images

In my first piece for the leading European political journal “E!Sharp”, I take on an observation I’ve long noticed about European and American societies: ┬áthat the American political system and the European workplace are designed to encourage democratic behavior, while the American workplace and European political systems are much less keen on democratic participation.

With current trends around social media accelerating citizen activism on both continents, however, the possibility of convergence makes the issue something worth noting.

The piece can be found here: