Will Social Media Drive Integrated Internal-External Comms?

In the first-ever “Thought Leaders” post on the site of CIPR Inside–the internal communications community within the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations–I discuss some of the key attributes of social media likely to drive greater integration of internal and external communication in the coming year.

Key drivers I’ve identified include:

* timing–satisfying the desire for instant and efficient communications, and allowing key messages to be distributed with appropriate dispatch

* mapping–helping to identify meaningful internal communities and communities within the market, and within them, the people who influence others

* relevance–allowing employees greater flexibility in subscribing to communications that they wish to receive

* targeting–building on community mapping to provide alternative local sources of news and credibility to relieve pressure on line managers, who while a favored communication channel, are often overburdened and unreliable

The full post can be found at CIPR Inside: http://bit.ly/90Xv8u

H&M Clothes-Shredding Scandal Kicks off New Role on Communitelligence Communications Leadership Team

Calling the recent scandal involving Swedish clothier H&M’s (now-abandoned) practice of shredding wearable clothing a “colllision at the intersection of internal, external and social communication,” I’ve posted my first pieces as the newest member of the Communications Leadership team at Communitelligence–the US-based electronic publishing collective.

The first, found at http://bit.ly/8bkVub, introduces the H&M controversy and its implications. The follow-up addresses H&M’s response to the situation–and the remaining lessons still to be learned by communication practitioners: http://bit.ly/83Kpmz

Joining the Communications Leadership team lines me up with a number of globally known communication leaders, including Carol Goman, Thomas Lee, Liz Guthridge, Sharon Wamble-Lee and Communitelligence founder John Gerstner.

Communitelligence has a global network of members across a wide variety of communication specialties, including internal communication, employee engagement, crisis planning, intranet management, public relations, marketing and branding, and corporate citizenship/CSR.  It can be found at http://www.communitelligence.com.

Walls Come Down in final 2009 Article

Below you will find a link to an article I co-authored (with Kristen Sukalac of Prospero Communications [www.prospero.be] on the PR Conversations blogsite) on how the distinctions between traditional communications disciplines like public affairs, marketing, and internal communications have collapsed over the past year–and what the likely implications of that class will be for communication pros in the coming years.

The article can be found at: