Social Communication

In my view, Social Communication–a strategic, methodical approach to communicating with informal as well as formal groups within an organization or market that’s not to be confused with “Social Media”–represents the great breakthrough opportunity for internal communication today.

Specifically, my approach to Social Communication is based on finding the “tribes”–the informal groups and leaders that connect and drive much of organizational activity, and to engage them as channels, advocates and participants in the process of communication, and of driving towards organizational objectives.  It is this focus on people–tribes and leaders–and on influential connections–that distinguishes it from “Social Media”  approaches built around tools and toys.

My upcoming book, Lincoln to LinkedIn – The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication, goes into this area in some depth.  For more information, visit the book preview site at:

I also have some capacity for taking on consultancy work in the social communication arena – please contact me through the box below, or through the detail on my Contact page.

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